RODEVA is a private consulting company specialized in designing and implementing transparent, traceable and efficient incentive/subsidies programs within the framework of Development Aid especially – but not limited to – the sectors of agriculture, health, and education.

RODEVA advises major donors such as USAID, MCC / MCA, World Bank, EU and International Organizations / Institutions in charge of the implementation of Development Projects funded by these major donors, with respect to the scope of work of their incentive/subsidies programs, involving all relevant groups of stakeholders to ensure sustainability and efficiency of the public money invested in Development Aid.

RODEVA is also often mandated to support the Private Sector in adapting its business strategy within the framework of incentive programs and in bringing their economic interests into an agreement with the scopes of the launched incentive/subsidies programs.

RODEVA also works closely with international as well as local companies during phases of implementation of the incentive / subsidies programs and has developed a strategy to reduce on site work to the necessary minimum, corresponding equally to new donor strategies, requirements of governments in Development countries as well as recent environmental aspects such as the carbon impact of travel activities on climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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