Joël le Turioner is a senior expert in designing and implementing inputs subsidies / incentives programs using e-vouchers and e-technologies in emerging and developing countries.

After 25 years as a expatriate commercial manager for major compagnies (YARA, SHELL CHEMICALS, ALM International) Joël has served as a project manager on the behalf of International Organizations, mainly the International Center for Soil Fertility and Agricultural Development (IFDC) and as a consultant (AfricAgriConsult) for various projects implementing by IFDC, DAI, World Bank, B&M Gates Fondation, European Union, etc…

Joël le Turioner is co-founder and president of RODEVA.


Maria CLODI is an economist, mediator and lawyer with over twenty years of experience in identifying convergences and divergences of interest between various economic players and implementing targeted incentives.

Maria Clodi founded BELLERIVE Attorneys at Law, focussing on International Business Transactions on the levels BtoG, BtoB and BtoP with respect to mediation, consulting and negotiations, as well as litigation and arbitration. Earlier Maria Clodi has been a consultant at ERNST & YOUNG and ARTHUR ANDERSEN as well as a clerk at the Civil Court of Zug (Ch) and research assistent at the University of Zurich for law and economics.

Maria Clodi is co-founder and managing director of RODEVA.